The simulator demonstrates the effects of the five explosive weapons systems examined in the research project. It combines the generated raw data from the research project with the accuracy and effects parameters from recognised sources, and it places these in simulated scenarios.

The user will be able to analyse the principal damage mechanism – i.e. the primary and secondary effects of explosive weapons – in an open area, hamlet, village, town and city.

After choosing the desired populated-area scenario, the user will select one of the five explosive weapons systems studied: 122 mm BM-21 Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL); 155 mm Artillery Gun; 120 mm Mortar; 120 mm Tank Gun; or, Mk 82 Aircraft Bomb.

Then, the following selections can be made: the employment modes for munitions (single, salvo, barrage); the attack direction; and, the intended point of impact.


The simulator is under construction and is scheduled for release in September 2017. The above video demonstrates the programme’s current stage of development and not the final version.