This simulator depicts and visualises explosive weapon effects in a populated area. It uses fabricated scenarios of rural and urban human environments. None of the scenarios represent an actual village, town or city.

The explosive weapon effects presented here are derived from actual energetic and kinetic qualities i.e. blast and fragmentation data, of five munitions categories, averaged from the values of several similar munitions. Thus the representation of the effects is an approximation, not an imitation of any particular munition. The amount of energy and fragments released in a detonation of a munition is used to calculate secondary explosive weapon effects, i.e. hazards from window glass and particles of concrete, metal and other elements within the munitions effects range.

The accuracy and precision calculations in this simulator exclude any systematic and random errors potentially present in the actual use of the featured weapon systems. Such errors reduce the weaspons’ accuracy and precision and include manufacturing flaws in weapon and munition design, weapon’s wear and tear, operator sighting and targeting errors, use of mixed batches of ammunition, meteorological conditions affecting munitions’ flight, among other errors.

For descriptions of terms such as ‘accuracy’, ‘precision’, ‘circular error probable’ and ‘effects’, refer to the Terminology section of the Explosive Weapon Effects Final Report.

This tool is only intended for illustration of weapon effects and certain key characteristics. GICHD claims no responsibility for misappropriate use of this tool.